Posted on 17 / 06 / 2005

Started building an MFD (Multi Function Display). Still some detail to add to this yet.

Posted on 15 / 06 / 2005

I was playing around with rendering options last night and produced this render which I'm really happy with. It also shows that I'm almost there on the modelling of the right hand side of the cockpit, although I still need to work on the various textures etc. I'm going to just concentrate on models for now and come back to textures once everything is modelled.

Posted on 01 / 06 / 2005

Started modelling the base unit below the stick. I still need to add the details such as the name plate and other text parts but it's started looking nice.

Posted on 30 / 05 / 2005

I haven't worked on the pit much over the past couple of months, but today I've made an effort to get started on it again. Today's goal was to create the fuel gauge and NVG unit which surrounds it. I'm pretty happy with the results. You might notice from this render that I've also spent some time improving the screws which hold in the gauges to look more realistic.

I also spent the evening getting the last instrument on the right aux panel added, the compass. I've also noticed how shiny and reflective everything is looking so next week I'll make an effort to dull everything down a little. Anyway, that's it for now, more later in the week hopefully.

Posted on 10 / 02 / 2005

Still focusing on the caution Display, I've been playing around with trying to make the warnings look authentic which is taking a while as this type of thing is a whole other aspect to 3D development than actually building the models. I'm getting close to something I.m happy with now although there a still a few points I'd like to play with. Here's what I've managed so far, you can see the same shot with the lights on and off.

Posted on 07 / 02 / 2005

Today I've added the liquid oxygen guage, the two hydraulic guages and the surround that fits above them. The surround I've modelled is based on the version which has been retro fitted with NVG lights. I've also added the Pilot Fault Display today and have been playing around with reflections.

Posted on 12 / 12 / 2004

Added the EPU fuel guage and started playing around with some of the surfaces a little to try and increase the realism of the reflectivity and specularity.

Posted on 11 / 12 / 2004

I've started work on the instruments contained on the right aux panel. Below you can see images of the clock in progress and how it's positioned in the cockpit alongside the cockpit pressure guage which has also been built today.

Posted on 01 / 12 / 2004

The HUD and ICP are propgressing well, I just need to finish off some forward parts of the HUD and the detailing on the glare sheild.

Posted on 18 / 11 / 2004

The last couple of days been spent setting up the rotation limits on all the switches that I've currently modeled so far. The beauty of these limits is that I can grab a switch or any other element of the cockpit panels to set up a render and it moves with the same limits as the real items do. This is where working with a 3d model excels as it means every position will result in a perfect perspective as well as cast all the correct shadows and reflections etc. The limits also make sure that similar type switches have the same restrictions and resting positions applied to them throughout the cockpit. Here's a few screen grabs direct from the 3D program showing the limits being set-up and how they work with the safety cover from the switch on the zeroize panel.

Posted on 16 / 11 / 2004

The last two weeks have been spent detailing the ACESII ejection seat, with the majority of the time being spend modeling the deployable pitot tube system on the parachute container. I have also started combining all of the individual components into a scene together which will eventually become the complete 3D model. You can see from the renders below (click for a larger version) that the detailing on the left side of the seat is pretty much finished with all the various pipes and cables etc. I plan to complete the right side of the seat in the coming week as this is a lot simpler than the other side. The most recent addition to the model was the map / data stowage box on the right side of the cockpit.

Posted on 04 / 11 / 2004

This new cockpit project was fueled by the fact that I've started to learn to use 3D app's in my role at work. Because of my work on the Sp3 cockpit I had a fairly good knowledge of F-16 cockpit panels so what better to practice on. As a few panels started to appear it just seemed a natural progression to continue with the project until it evolves into a complete 3D cockpit model. Over the last few weeks a few bits and pieces have started appearing, I've included a few random renders below. Most of these are test renders of incomplete items, nothing is finished as yet.