This is a complete guide to setting up my Falcon 4 Allied Force (v1.03 and higher) HOTAS files. You must have downloaded my files and placed them into your Foxy\files folder to be able to complete this guide. You must also have the latest version of the HOTAS Cougar drivers, which are available from Some of the screen shots below show other versions of my files being edited, but the exact same process applies.

1. Do a manual calibration of your Cougar. (see the cougar manual for more information about calibration)

2. Run ThrottleRange.exe which can usually be found in C:\Program files\HOTAS\. Go through the steps listed. Full Mil is the point between the two clicks of the Afterburner detent and Idle is between the two clicks of the Idle detent. Once all four steps have been done you should see the AFB and Idle results. There is no need to press Apply.

note: your results will be different from mine.

3. Enter your AFB and Idle results from the last step in the Thrust Wizard below. Once you click the appropriate BMS button the code should automatically be placed onto your computers clipboard ready for pasteing later. Included in the wizard is a graphical representation of what the code will do to the operation of your throttle. If your the kind of person that's happy tinkering with things then I recommend opening up the throttle base and adjusting the position of the detents so that there is more travel available for normal thrust and less for both idle and AFB. More information about this proceedure can be found here.

You'll need the free Flash player to see the wizard.

4. Run Foxy, there should be a shortcut to it on your desktop, if not it can usually be found in c:\Program files\Foxy\Foxy.exe

5. Once in Foxy, goto the file menu and select open joystick file

6. Choose the tmj file that you installed from the zip file (a different file may be shown below)

7. Once the file has opened scroll down to the bottom of the window on the right. You should see the Throttle code (or similar) within the paste guides as shown here.

8. Using your cursor, select all of the text between the paste guides as shown below.

9. Press Ctrl v (or right click and select paste). You should see your custom code has replaced the original code.

10. Save your changes.

11. Now that your file has been saved you need to download it to your cougar, do this by using the download menu or by pressing F12.

12. Hopefully you should see a box informing you that the file downloaded successfully, press OK. Make sure that emulation is enabled in your cougar, you can check this in Foxy by looking at the bar at the bottom. It should be lit green and say PROGRAM. If it doesn't them press it with your cursor until it does. You can then close Foxy.

13. Place the .key file from the zip into the C:\Microprose\Falcon4\Config folder. (location may differ if you didn't do a default install).

14. Run the Cougar Control Panel (CCP) and set it as shown below. If you need to change anything make sure you press Apply once complete.

note: Only axes 1 - 8 can be seen by Falcon so you need move the two you don't want to use to positions 9 & 10, in my case the toe brakes.

note: The Apply enable/disable Windows axes states box needs to be ticked.

Did you notice that last part about the enable/disable windows axes states? Not ticking that box and setting the CCP as shown is the number one reason for peoples microsticks not working in falcon, please double check it's ticked as shown here and press apply.

15. When finished with the CCP make sure emulation is on (Green button) and close it. Then run F4 Allied Force

16. Once F4 is running choose SETUP from the menu on the left and go to the KEYS section.

17. Press the LOAD button and select my file (Jagstang F4AF) and press LOAD.

18. Next, click go to the CONTROLLERS section and change the flight controller to Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar

19. Change each of the six controller inputs to Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar, Don't worry about setting them up yet, we'll do that in a moment.

20. For the RUDDER input, Press the DETECT button in the top line and then start moving your rudders until the detection box disappears. .

(note: If you don't have rudder pedals, I recommend using your MAN RNG knob for this so move that instead).

21. Then press the Throttle DETECT button and move the throttle until the detection box disappears.

22. Once the throttle is detected move it forward until it is between the two clicks of the AFB (Burner) detent and then press the SET AB button.

23. Next press the CURSOR X DETECT button and move the microstick towards the letter R in the word CURSOR on the throttle until the detection box disappears.

24. Next press the CURSOR Y DETECT button and move the microstick towards the letter A in the word ANT ELEV on the throttle until the detection box disappears.

25. Next press the SENSOR GAIN DETECT button and turn the MAN RNG knob until the detection box disappears.

(note: If you set MAN RNG to do rudders above then skip this step).

26. Next press the ANTENNA ELEVATION DETECT button and turn the ANT ELEV knob until the detection box disappears.

27. Finally, select the REVERSE buttons for both CURSOR Y and SENSOR GAIN.

28. Press OK. That's it! Now go test out your stick.