Allied Force - Build 51106
Posted 2005-11-06

  • Removed ICP A-A & A-G functions from the extended keyboard layout in order to free those keys up for use with eith comms apps or Track IR.

Allied Force - Build 51002
Posted 2005-10-02

  • Fixed an issue where CMS would launch weapons if held left or right (Duplicate Xflag use).

Allied Force - Build 51001
Posted 2005-10-01

  • Improved CMS control, more realistic functionality without having to toggle jammers on / off.

Allied Force - Build 50923
Posted 2005-09-23

  • Thanks to Bj?rn Jansson who reported an error where the microstick continued to make the radar cursors move whilst operating the mouse. This update fixes that problem.

Allied Force - Build 50917
Posted 2005-09-17

  • For this latest set of files I have just completed a major re-write of both the HOTAS files and the F4 keyfile
  • Every function generated by the files now uses a single keystroke of Direct X entry other than three which needed to retain there dual key operation to stop them being accidentally pressed. This should result in the files being even more reliable
  • Included an excel file listing every change I have made to the vanilla F4AF keystrokes file, this should help those who want to further enhance the key file or impliment my changes into their own files.

Allied Force - Build 50827
Posted 2005-08-27

  • Fixed an error in the tmm file that resulted in the Trim Up / Trim Down being reversed.
  • Added pre-built no-rudders files that use MAN RNG knob for rudder control

Allied Force - Build 50815
Posted 2005-08-15

  • Cycle A-A Weapons by holding MSL STEP when in MRM or SRM mode (DOG FIGHT Switch up or down).

Allied Force - Build 50808
Posted 2005-08-08

My thoughts about this build
As with my previous files this version tries to emulate the functionality of the real F-16 hotas as closely as possible whilst still providing some non realistic simulation functions using shifted (S3), timed (HOLD), and DoubleClick functions. The release of Allied Force has caused a few problems for HOTAS file builders as it means going back to using keystrokes for many functions that became analogue in the BMS versions of F4. I have tried to keep as much of the most recent versions of my files here, but some things like the CMS functionality had to be reverted to the way that worked in the SP3 / Sp4 files.

Although my SP3/SP4 Pro files work well with F4 Allied Force, anyone who has used my BMS 2 files will find that the majority of the main functions remain the same in this version so will feel right at home.

Slammer launch delay
After having a chat with viper driver 'Haole' I've added a 1 second delay to the pickle button when using AMRAAM missiles. Apparently this is the time it takes for data to travel to the missile and if the button is released during this time the launch is cancelled. Obviously you must select MRM mode using the dogfight switch for the cougar to know your using slammers.

Range knob is back
As Allied Force doesn't use advanced analogue controllers like BMS did, we se a return to having to use keystrokes so I have re-enabled radar range on the MAN-RNG knob due to the fact that using the radar cursor is no longer quite as efficient.

Track IR
There is an alternative version included that enhances the use of the Track IR system. When using this version the main difference is in the functionality of the DMS hat. Instead of going straight to padlock view, the first press down of the DMS hat goes to a 3D pit view which allows you to use the TIR to scan around. A second press down of the DMS hat will padlock whatever objects are in your view. From this point on DMS down will toggle between padlock and 3D cockpit.

CMS hat changes
The CMS hat (countermeasures) now functions as follows as F4AF does not have the ability to turn off jammers - it can only toggle them.

Forward: Run CMDS program
Back: Toggle Jammer
Left: Auto CMDS
Right: Man CMDS

No Rudders
Instructions telling you how to activate rudders on the ANT ELEV controller are included within the zip file if required.