Falcon 4 BMS 1 - Build 40106
Posted 2004-01-06

  • Fixed a problem with the non-TIR version where activation ACMDS with would throw you into a glance back view
  • Added into the zip are no-rudders versions of the files and a more complete rtf file.

Falcon 4 BMS 1 - Build 40105
Posted 2004-01-05

My thoughts about this build
One thing that BMS have added that is really useful from a HOTAS point of view are some additional CMS keystrokes. It is now possible to separate the ECM on (consent) and off (standby) functions allowing for much more definitive control than using a toggle. ACMDS Auto is still available by pressing the CMS hat left, but this is also canceled by pressing the hat right (standby).

The other thing that I've been playing around with is a trackIR, this changes the way the 3D views are used and required some tuning of my files to make it work at it's best. Instead of padlocking, pressing DMS down now selects 3D view on its first press and then toggles between activating and deactivating padlock view. Of course everything is reset when switching back to 2D view. One drawback of using the TIR is that glance-back in 2D no longer functions.