Falcon 4 BMS 2 - Build 40530
Posted 2004-05-30

  • There was a typo in the ANT ELEV code of the TIR version
  • Correction which allows for the use of the new MSL_STEP function

Falcon 4 BMS 2 - Build 40529
Posted 2004-05-29

My thoughts about this build
This is a funny one - the more BMS add the more I can take out of my files because they are fixing things in the exe that my files used to have to do. This is great though because it allows me to do some stuff which I've been playing around with for a while but not had enough cougar resources to do before. Some of these things are included in this version, but there is more to come as I get chance to try out my ideas.

Slammer launch delay
After having a chat with viper driver 'Haole' I've added a 1 second delay to the pickle button when using AMRAAM missles. Apparently this is the time it takes for data to travel to the missile and if the button is released durig this time the launch is cancelled. Obviously you must select MRM mode using the dogfight switch for the cougar to know your using slammers.

No more Range knob
The Man RNG knob no longer performs radar range as that was unrealistic, the realistic method of using the cursor to bump the range works much better now that its also an anaolgue funtion. The rng knob still controls radar gain, but if you're not using rudder pedals this can be reassigned to rudder control from with Falcon4's Advanced controller setup page.

Track IR
There is an alternativeversion included that enhances the use of the Track IR system. When using this version the main difference is in the functionality of the DMS hat. Instead of going straight to padlock view, the first press down of the DMS hat goes to a 3D pit view which allows you to use the TIR to scan around. A second press down of the DMS hat will padlock whatever objects are in your view. From this point on DMS down will toggle between padlock and 3D cockpit.

CMS hat changes
The CMS hat (countermeasures) now functions as follows

Forward: Run CMDS program
Back: ECM consent (on)
Left: Auto CMDS
Right: ECM standby (off / cancel auto CMDS)

This basically means that pressing the hat back will allways acivate the jammer (if available) and pressing it right will always deactivate it. This removes the confusion of a toggle in the heat of battle.

No Rudders
In the past people without rudder pedals have had to use a separate version of my files which mapped the rudder and NWS (Nose Wheel Steering) controls to the ANT ELEV controller. BMS 2.0 has included a patch which allows you to control NWS on the ground with the Joysticks X / Y movements. This method allows for much more precision. To enable this functionality run the F4 BMS Config Editor open the Settings Benchmarksims folder and tick the box next to the patch called Roll-Linked NWS Rudder.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to have control of the rudders in the air too, I recommend using the MAN RNG knob for rudders by setting it's axis to rudder control in the advanced controller page. This knob now only controls ground radar gain which isn't an essential function and can be controlled with keystrokes if required.

Analogue programming
With the latest BMS releases it's now possible to program analogue axes. I've removed the digital code from all analogue axis in my files to allow for this use.

Firstly you need to make sure all of the Cougar axis are available to Windows and Falcon. To do this open the HOTAS Cougar Control Panel (CCP) and look on the Axis setup page. My CCP is set up as follows....

1 X axis
2 Y axis
3 Throttle
4 Antenna knob
5 Range knob
6 Rudder
7 Microstick X
8 Microstick Y

Make sure the Apply enable / disable Windows axes states box is ticked. There is a screenshot of my CCP in the zip you downloaded called CCP Example.jpg.

Then in Falcon the axes must be set up correctly in the new advanced controllers page. I'll try and put together an illustrated guide for this process but for now here is a list of how my controllers are set-up in Falcon...

View Control Page
Field of View = Wheel - Mouse
View Zoom = Keyboard

Flight Control Page
Rudder Axis = Z Rotation
Throttle Axis = Z Axis
Right Engine Throttle Axis = Keyboard
Trim Aileron = Keyboard
Trim Pitch = Keyboard
Trim Yaw = Keyboard
Brake = Keyboard

Avionics Control Page
Radar Antenna Elevation = X Rotation
Cursor X = Dial
Cursor Y = Y Rotation
Range Knob = Slider
HUD Brightness = Keyboard
Reticle Depression = Keyboard

Sound Control Page
Intercom = Keyboard
Comm Channel 1 = Keyboard
Comm Channet 2 = Keyboard
MSL Vol = Keyboard
Threat Vol = Keyboard