Open Falcon - Build Beta 7

  • Changed eject code as I was seeing some unreliable results where key would remain pressed and 500ms delay was not applied.
  • Changed FOV code as timed delay method was proving unreliable ? I?ve used an Xflag now which is reset on all button presses. It?s dirty, but seems a lot more reliable.

Open Falcon - Build Beta 6

  • Changed keyfile so that TMS left calls radar submodes again, using HOTAS TMS Left didn?t seem to have any use.

Open Falcon - Build Betas 1 - 5

Key file
The .key file included in this one is based on a modified version of Mavs .key file as he told me that it's the most current and that I'm free to use it. I’ve made multiple changes the keystrokes that get sent by this file to suit that new key file. I’ve also modded the key file to add functionality and use unchorded keystrokes where possible.

No changes from earlier files

No longer adds a delay when using MRM mode as this has been implemented on a per weapon basis in OF.

No changes from earlier files

No changes from earlier files

No changes from earlier files

The up position now sends two 2’s so that it bypasses the feature where coming out of 3D you will be dropped in the 2D equivalent of the last 3D view.

Left no longer selects CMDS Auto, I have set it to run the standard “HOTAS CMS Left; function as this apparently runs another CMDS program and is realistic. As yet I haven't managed to confirm this works.

Holding S3 in still calls programs 1 – 4 but now uses single commands from the cockpit builders key file instead of sending multiple keystrokes.

No changes from earlier files
I've noticed that FOV is sometimes firing and changing to EXP in the mfd's when I'm releasing /in functions – I’ll address this later.

No changes from earlier files

I changed the way this is coded in the tmj file as there have been some fixes made to the enable function in OF. It used to work as a toggle in some modes and as a held statement on others – it now always works as a held statement.

No changes from earlier files

No changes from earlier files

No changes from earlier files

No changes from earlier files

Radio Switch
IFF In & Out are now programmed to the left and right positions, with UHF and VHF still applied up and down. Previous AWACS calls are now accessed holding in s3 with left and right.

Throttle range
No changes from earlier files

Two files are included...

Jagstang OF TIR is the standard TIR version of these files which just makes the padlock function (DMS down) toggle between padlock and 3D free look.

Jagstang OF TIR+ is an experimental version which assumes the virtual pilot will be using the 3D pit for the majority of the time. In this configuration the DMS hat functions as DMS without S3 in and many of the view functions have been moved to the trim hat while in 3D views.

If this version proves to be useful I'll document it fully, but for now here's an overview...

I now have the DMS hat controlling the mfd's without s3 in as this exe also brings with it more need to use them. changing between 2D and 3D pits is still done with dms up / down but with s3 in.

Once in 3D view, instead of trying to use dms with s3 in to control padlocking etc, I now use the trim hat as follows..

Up: TIR free look (normal 3d view)
Down: Padlock
Left: Prev padlock
Right: Next padlock