Falcon 4 SP3/4 - Build 21228
Posted 2002-12-28

  • Removed multi-function commands (Eject / SAR) (Jetisson / CAT)
  • Removed Sensitivity change when refuel door opened as this is already managed by Sp3.
  • Added ICP control using the Extended keyboard
  • Changed RNG code to make it less aggressive in NAV mode
  • Changed ENABLE code to be more realistic
  • Changed wheel brake position (now on AP Disc Paddle)
  • Removed auto-braking on the throttle
  • Changed trim reset position (now reset by double down click of Trim hat with S3 in)

Falcon 4 SP3/4 - Build 21206
Posted 2002-12-06

  • Fixed error where DMS up would fire cannon
  • Re-added Comm2 (VHF) Transmit on radio hat down.

Falcon 4 SP3/4 - Build 21122
Posted 2002-11-22

  • Every command used on the HOTAS uses a single (un chorded) keystroke or DX command. This means that no two functions will ever conflict if used simultaneously.
  • Improved Countermeasures Control (CMS). The latest version allows the selection of any program from 1 - 4 with a single button press. It also allows for the selection of manual or automatic EWS and of course Jammer / Man release.
  • New THR code means the area below the idle detent will not interfere with the thrust of your aircraft and as soon as you pass the idle detent the THR will start from min thrust output (compresses the range of thrust to the area where you really need it).
  • The ability to glance back by pressing the DMS hat down now also works in 2D cockpit mode.
  • A reset trim function has been added to allow easy resetting of accidental or incorrect trim adjustments
  • You can now jump to check six view by holding the Trim hat left or right for over a second.
  • A refuel mode has been added which opens the refuel bay door and reduces the sensitivity of the joystick
  • Jettison stores command added
  • NAV mode can be selected by using the dogfight switch with S3
  • Extra engine shutdown failsafe added
  • Ejection can now be cancelled by releasing the buttons
  • The Gun / HUD mode can now be toggled in ACM (Dogfight) mode by pressing the TMS button left with S3 in.
  • Online Thrust setup wizard to help you get the perfect code for your throttles detents
  • Changed the operational direction of the Cursor controller (microstick) to reflect the way it works in the real F-16.
  • Changed TMS left in ACM mode to call Slewable mode instead of cycle modes

Falcon 4 SP3/4 - Build 20615
Posted 2002-06-15

  • Changed Throttle detent code to work with 1,03 HOTAS Cougar software
  • Re-adjusted microstick sensitivity to make cursor control easier

Falcon 4 SP3/4 - Build 20526
Posted 2002-05-26

  • Added Cycle A-G weapons command to TMS down (S3-in)
  • Fixed small code error in DMS section
  • Refined dual speed cursor control to be easier to use - (less sensitive)
  • Changed Transmit Comm's 1 to use Scroll Lock (Keyboard light comes on whilst transmitting)

Falcon 4 SP3/4 - Build 20519
Posted 2002-05-19

  • Added an extra tmj file that's configured for users that don't have rudder pedals. This file uses the ANT ELEV control for rudder inputs. With S3 in, normal Antenna Elevation commands are sent.

Falcon 4 SP3/4 - Build 20518
Posted 2002-05-18

  • DMS Functionality moved to S3in to allow for new advanced viewing functions.
  • DMS Left and Right (momentary) now perform different functions dependent on 2D or 3D mode. In 2D mode left is HUD view and right is Toggle Wide / Normal. In 3D mode Left is Prev Padlock and Right is Next Padlock).
  • DMS Hold Up and Hold Down now perform Glance Forward and Glance Back in 3D mode (No function in 2D mode)
  • The Ejection routine has been modified to make it more reliable - Must now be held for 1 second to activate.
  • The Speed Brake routine has been enhanced to not send constant (close brake) keystrokes when switch is left in the right (inboard) position. This stops any chances of keyboard buffer problems.
  • The CMS left and right positions now Run Programs 1 and 4 instead of just selecting them. (Handy for emergencies).
  • The keystrokes for Comm1 and Comm2 have been changed as the default keys were chorded (used Alt). This caused problems as no other commands could be sent whist communicating via Sp comm's or Roger Wilco.

Falcon 4 SP3/4 - Build 20505
Posted 2002-05-05

  • Realistic F-16 programming where possible. (Trim and DMS realistic commands are moved to S3 option)
  • Advanced Throttle programming that enables engine shutdown and relight plus auto braking at min throttle and custom detent dead zones
  • DMS hat has 2 modes, Padlock and 2D. In padlock DMS hat controls padlocked objects and view glancing, in 2D mode it control 2D view options.
  • Advanced programming of the FOV (pinky) switch to allow realistic use while also allowing S3 modifier.
  • Advanced programming of speed brakes so that keystrokes are only sent for long enough to close the brakes. This stops the buffer from becoming saturated by unwanted close speed brake commands because the switch is in the close position.